Bill’s parents bought him his first guitar in 1957, after he saw the movie ‘Rock Around The Clock’, thirteen times and became an ardent fan of Bill Haley & The Comets and rock & roll. During the next two years, he entered various talent contests and played solo ‘one night stands’, at various Perth hotels. He also, frequently, appeared at one of Perth’s only ‘night spots’, a non-alcohol coffee lounge named “THE WINDMILL’, in Hay Street, West Perth.  In 1959, after winning a talent quest at the WENTWORTH HOTEL, he was approached by a member of a Perth variety group, the ‘REVUELETTES’, and was asked to join. The group mainly performed in hotels and the line-up consisted of 4 different types of soloists and singers, and a drummer. After 12 months with them, he left the group and formed a country & western trio. They named themselves ‘THE TROUBADORS’, after a Johnny Cash song of the same name. As their repertoire consisted mainly of Cash songs, who was still relatively unknown in Perth, the trio had a short life. Bill then met up with a guitarist and formed a duo, playing rock & roll and covers of the hits of the day, in Perth hotels.


In 1959, after seeing a local rock & roll band, at the Y.A.L. Ballroom, they decided to form a band. The guitarist knew a drummer and a pianist and, after lots of practice, they called themselves ‘BILL BLAINE & the DYNAMICS’. It consisted of drums, piano, lead guitar and Bill on rhythm guitar and vocals. Bill was still doing solo spots around town and at one of these, at a function called the ‘JAZZ JAZZEROO’, held at the Perth zoo, he shared the stage with Rolf Harris, who had his own weekly show on TV Channel 7, named ‘RELAX WITH ROLF’. Rolf mentioned to Bill that Channel 7 were looking for a new band, to back artists on their weekly ‘TEENBEAT’ show and he could arrange an audition. They auditioned, got the job and performed weekly, on TEENBEAT in 1960.


After their stint on TEENBEAT, they we were approached by Colin Nichol, a top radio DJ, at that time, who was running dances, named ‘HIFI CLUB HOPS’, every Saturday afternoon, at the Embassy Ballroom in William Street. This was a dance run mainly for teenagers and was a Coca Cola promotion. The dance was run by Colin, who was with Radio 6KY, and who was also the club’s president. This club had 15,000 teenage members, up to 2000 of whom, used to attend the weekly dances. The club also sponsored many dances in the larger country towns, such as Narrogin, Katanning, Albany, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie, where to the band and the show traveled by car. The position of ‘Coca Cola house band’, opened many other doors for BILL BLAINE & DYNAMICS and they were booked as support band for all the major shows, that came to town. They opened for CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS, in 1961, appeared on the ‘6IX GOLDEN MICROPHONE AWARD’ shows and worked with JOHNNY O’KEEFFE, LONNIE LEE, THE DE KROO BROTHERS, NOELINE BATLEY, LUCKY STARR and PETER ALLEN and a host of other well-known Australian artists, who visited Perth

The DYNAMICS also appeared, every Sunday night, at the WIRRINA drive-in, in Morley, a hotspot for teenagers, playing before the movies and during intermission.


After the DYNAMICS broke up, in 1963, Bill joined a number of other groups, as well as performing solo around Perth. He joined the ‘JOHNS BROS’, in 1967 and played 6 nights a week, with them, at the Savoy Hotel, in Perth. In 1969 Bill joined a cabaret group, named the ‘FOUR SPOTS and, with them, played many of the metropolitan hotels, four nights a week. After the hotel gigs finished, at 10pm, they would play at the ZANZIBAR night club, in William Street until 2am, each night.


After the ‘FOUR SPOTS’, he formed the first professional Country & Western outfit, in Perth, named ‘WESTSIDE COUNTRY’. The band was very successful and consisted of some very talented musicians but broke up after 6 month, when some of the members moved interstate. In October 1970, Bill was offered a job, as singer/guitarist, with a band performing 7 nights a week at the Esplanade Hotel, in Port Hedland. He stayed there until May 1972 and, after returning to Perth was offered the job as compere/singer, at the Hotel Charles’ ‘RAINBOW ROOM’. He performed there for 18 months, every Friday and Saturday night with local and international artists, such as ‘THE SEARCHERS, GERRY MARSDEN & THE PACEMAKERS, DINAH LEE, DUANE EDDY, JOHNNY FARNHAM, DIGBY RICHARDS, MAX KAY, EDDIE STORM and JIMMY EDWARDS.


When the RAINBOW ROOM closed down, in late 1973, Bill, again, returned to performing solo, at cabarets, hotels and private functions all over the state. In 1977, he hosted a cabaret, 2 nights a week at the CLOVERDALE HOTEL, for a year.


These days, Bill is still doing solo gigs, with the aid of a laptop computer and his own, home recorded backing music, performing at many private and pensioner functions, birthday parties, lifestyle villages and the occasional rock& roll re-union concerts.


In November 1998, he was inducted in Western Australian ‘Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’, by the ‘Perth Rock & Roll Council’, a body comprised of influential people in the Perth rock & roll music and dancing industry.